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How to get out of the friendzone

The friend zone. It’s a well known problem: some men always seem to end up in the “friend zone” when they meet attractive women. When a woman thinks of you as a friend and has no romantic thoughts about you, it becomes very difficult to change her mind.

Some guys almost never end up in the friend zone. So what do these men do differently when compared to you?

In this article I will teach you how to never again end up in the friend zone!

Let me get straight to the point by saying that the best way to avoid getting in the friend zone is by touching. From the outset, you need to touch her a lot.

So how do you do that the right way?

Let me explain.

If you're talking to a woman, for example, if you say something to her, put your hand on her shoulder. Do this again and again, so she gets used to your touch. If you've done this for a while, you can lay your hand on her upper back. Do this again for a while, until she’s accustomed to it. Then put your arm around her shoulder. Do this again for a while, until you and her are used to it.

You will notice that once this goes well, she will begin to touch you too.

If she does this, you know you’re doing alright.

But why is touch so important? If you touch her for a while, she gets used to your touch. Touching her shoulder is still quite innocent, but when you begin to touch on her back, it soon becomes clear that you want to be more than just friends.

This brings us to the next tip: you should make clear that you want to be more than friends with her.

You do this by occasional comments by which you make this clear. A classic example is:

"I would never work between us. You're way too sweet for me."

Say this with a smile on your face of course ;).

Another sentence that you can use is:

"I bet you are one of those really wild girls in bed!"

By talking about sex, you make the chances of you having sex in the future a lot bigger. This is because talking about sex makes it clear to her that you're sexually interested in her.

Take some risks!
Both the touching and the talking about sex do something else as well: they show that you aren’t afraid to take risks. Women find men with guts very attractive.<

Furthermore, taking risks shows that you are willing to lose her interest: this communicates that you don’t really care that much if she likes you or not. A woman will think this is because you have a lot of options and that you are a great “catch”. Play it the right way and she will be chasing you instead of the other way around!

Here’s a great example of taking a risk:

When she leaves, try to kiss her (if you haven’t already). Just put her arms over your shoulders, look deep into her eyes, and kiss her.

Dare to take the risk! If you don’t take risks, chances are much bigger that you end up in friend zone hell.