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Learn to be confident with women

Having and radiating self-confidence is perhaps the most important thing when it comes to picking up women.

Do you want exude self-confidence with women?

You may have heard all kinds of different theories about what women find attractive in a man but I have NEVER met a woman who doesn’t find a man with self-confidence attractive.

In this article I will give you some great tips on how to get and radiate more self-confidence with women.

How to exude confidence .. Act as if you are confident!
You can act as if you are self-confident, and acting like this is really quite simple if you apply the right mindset and know how to do it. If you act as like this for long enough you will gain self-confidence eventually. Fake it until you make it, player!

it is a well know fact that your mind follows your body, your physiology. So, by acting confidently you will get the results of a confident person: in the longer term, you will actually become more confident!

You can create self-confidence by doing simple things. Have you ever approached a woman and told her you like her and you would like to have sex with her? if you haven’t, do it and right away you know you'll have become a little more confident that day.

In the above example, you train yourself to have the confidence that you can handle her possible rejection or weird reaction.

Dealing with your fears to exude confidence
You can rationally say to yourself that nothing will happen when you speak to a woman in this way but until you really do it you are communicating to yourself you don’t really have the confidence to do it.

Strange isn’t it? You may be 100% sure that nothing can go wrong when you perform an action but still fear is stopping you.

You can see fear as the opposite of self-confidence, so by dealing with your fear you will gradually gain confidence.

If you are not very self-confident when speaking with women you don’t know, and you have only approached 10 women in your entire life, the solution is very simple: Go and start a conversation with a 1.000 women you don’t know!

If you motivate yourself once to speak with a woman you don’t know, you can also do it a second time! By doing it very often you will learn consciously and unconsciously that the fear is unnecessary, and you will therefore become more comfortable in approaching and speaking to women you don’t know and therefore radiate more self confidence!

Do you want more confidence? Get more experience in the areas you want to gain confidence in!
I have said it before and I’ll say it again:

Experience is SUPER important!

Experience is important for:

- perfecting the technique of picking up women
- building self-confidence
- coping with fears
- learning to understand social dynamics
- learning to take action in different situations
- exuding confidence
- and much, much more

If you have confidence with women, then women will be drawn to you automatically .. because women find confidence very attractive!

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