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3 second rule

The '3 second rule' is a rule for helping guys to approach people. When we are going out and we see a interesting person or group we have to act quickly before we tense up and lose our nerves. The 3 second rule is there to push you in the modus of action instead of waiting and thinking. Because the longer we wait to approach the harder it gets.

Make sure that you are alway's 'On' and keep other guys in your group alert. And when you see someone you are reading to approach withouh hesitation.

This 'rule' is mainly used by Mystery and his Mystery Method. The reason why Mystery 'invented' this rule has its roots within the evolutionary biology.
When we were living in small groups of people in our cave men times, and we would approach a woman within this group the changes are that she is either the woman of the tribe leader or of someone else in the tribe and we would probably not survive this or the we blew our changes with the other women in the tribe.

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