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About Us

The Wingman PUA is an initiative of two guys, Patrick and Arnoud, that after being involved with game and personal development for some time came to realise how important it is to have a good wingman (this we describe in our free e-book that you get when you sign up).

While almost everybody realises this, we could also see that the way to find a wingman now on various forums is not as transparent or practical as it could be. Being webdevelopers ourselves we decided that someone had to do this. That’s why we set aside our free time and started building.

Not a forum with countless posts. Just a way to meet up with other PUA’s and stay informed of the activities (free workshops, etc.) in your city or area. And internationally – through CouchSarging.

As we built this resource with you in mind we really appreciate your comments. Tell us about your succesfull events, meet-up’s, night’s out etc. And let us know if you think something is missing or could be improved upon.

Cheers and sarge on!
- Patrick and Arnoud

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