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7 Hour rule

Mystery and his Mystery Method teaches us that there are 3 stages of seducing a woman. Attraction, comfort building and seduction. From the moment of meeting the woman and having sex takes 7 hours (normaly). This means that going through these 3 stages takes about 7 hours to 'complete'.

The first step is Attraction. This is the shortest step and can take about 15 minutes. Next is the Comfort phase. This is the phase that takes almost all the 7 hours. The 'goal' of the comfort phase is get to know the girl, make her feel comfortable around you and build report. Kissing should happen at the start and we gradually increase physical touch (also called kino). The last phase is the Seduction phase and you seduce the girl.

A golden rule within the comfort phase is that you change to different places. When you go to different places it feels like you have been on a couple of dates already (all in one night) and gives her the feeling that she knows you longer than the actual time you have been together.

This rule is not something that always happens. It is possible to sleep earlier with a girl then after these 7 hours. You have move to the seduction phase earlier, but the downside of this is that it is more likely that she doesn’t want to meet again. And she will probably regret it the next morning. So keep that in mind.

If you find someone that you really like, keep this as a good guideline!