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Believe in Yourself

You found this blog because you want to learn how to pick up beautiful women.

I’m guessing you no longer want to be rejected but you also don’t want to end up in the friend zone: you just want success with hot women!

However, we know becoming successful with women does not happen overnight. Here’s a confession:

I used to be really bad at picking up women I really wanted
I had very little confidence and certainly didn’t believe I ever would be good at picking up women, especially the really beautiful ones.

I thought that eventually I would somehow meet a nice girl and that everything would go by itself. I guess I was waiting for a miracle to happen.

But that miracle never did happen and I became tired of waiting. So I decided that enough was enough: and I went looking for all the secret techniques to pick up women. And I found out they work, if applied correctly.

Nowadays, every weekend that I go out I have the ability to meetup with a beautiful woman.

This did not happen by itself of course.

I will tell you a secret, the thing you need most, but is also the most difficult to apply and integrate into your life.

The secret is to really to believe in yourself!

You must believe in yourself ..
If you do not believe in yourself, your will never become successful at picking up women.

Confidence is crucial when it comes to picking up women, and women can smell if you have confidence or not.

As I said earlier, I was no good at picking up women. That was because I simply did not know how to pickup women, and I was afraid to approach the women I liked because I was afraid I would be rejected.

I started to learn the techniques that are out there for picking up women. I learned what to say to women and started to apply this knowledge but all to often, nothing happened.

This was because I did not believe in myself. I thought I was just not worthy of beautiful women.

I secretly hoped the woman of my dreams would simply walk into my life. When this would happen, I could finally forget about this whole picking up women thing and I could simply hang out with my friends!

Each and every time I saw a woman that I liked, I had difficulty walking up to her and starting a conversation.

This was because I did not realise that I am a unique, beautiful person and that women should be happy to be in a conversation with me. I can make their lives beautiful: for example, change it in a great roller coaster ride ...

And so can you!

Everyone has something that is beautiful and unique, that they have to offer to someone else.

Think of all those little magic moments that you have experienced in the past. Other people will be blessed if you share those moments with them!

Please do not make the same mistake as I did, and be sure to work on being confident about yourself.

Perhaps you are not convinced that it is crucial that you must really believe in yourself to pickup women, but take it from me. Without self-confidence it will be much harder, much less authentic, and your life will be so much nicer when you work on your self esteem.

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