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Keep the Conversation Going

Have you ever experience this: You are talking to a nice girl and suddenly you do not know what to say. There is a horrible silence and conversation starts to slowly run dry until it is officially dead. Which is a shame because if she was a fun, interesting girl.

What can you do?

In this article I will give you tips that will help you to keep the conversation going.

Keep the conversation going: make statements!
Many guys only know how to talk to a girl in ‘interview mode’. They ask all kinds of questions like ‘Where do you live?’, ‘What do you do?’, ‘Do you come here often?’.

This kind of conversation sound like an interview .. you will bore her (and yourself) to tears, trying to come up with questions when conversation slows.

What you can do to avoid an interview type conversation, is to make statements. If you make statements the conversation will not be boring, and it usually leads to the two of you laughing together.

Any question can be made into a statement!

So do not ask questions like "how old are you", but instead say "I guess you are almost 18, am I right?".

If you make a few statements, the conversation will flow much better and you'll soon have much more to talk about. You are actually teasing her a little bit and women find this a lot of fun. Please be careful that you do not tease her too hard, as she might become offended. However, most guys don’t realize that you can get away with a lot of teasing if you do it in a fun, challenging way!

So, interview mode is not the way to go, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask any questions at all ..

You should always listen carefully to the woman you are having a conversation with. Everything she says can be used by you to come up with new questions. If for example she says she went on holiday last summer with three friends that already gives you a lot to talk about.

She went on vacation, but where did she go?

With which three friends did she go on vacation? Are they good friends?

What did she do the rest of the summer?

So the information she gives you can lead to several good questions, all of which are better than ‘So, do you come here often?’.

Play games with her
Something else you can do is to play a game with her. As a classic example let’s take the game "Fuck, Marry, Kill." In this game you point out three guys in the vicinity, and you ask her who she would like to sleep with, with whom she would marry and who she would like to murder. When she is done ask her why she made those choices. You do all kinds of fun things with this, such as teasing her by saying that she wants to marry that guy because he looks rich ;).

Ask her to play the same game with you. Let her pick three women so you can answer the same questions. Tease her a little by saying that one lady has beautiful legs. Do this in a fun way of course, and show her you don’t take things too seriously.

One very important thing is your nonverbal communication: confident eye contact and posture. When the conversation stops, just relax. Don’t do anything awkward such as making little nervous movements or asking weird questions.

Just look her in the eye, and show her that you are OK with the silence. You aren’t the needy and insecure type who wants to ‘fill every void’ with your talking. This shows confidence and women find that very attractive!

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