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Keys to the VIP Exposed

Do you know ‘Key to the VIP’ and did you know you can learn a lot from it?

This article you will find out what you can learn from this great TV show.

What is the keys to the VIP?
The Keys to the VIP is a Canadian game show in which four jury members evaluate the pickup skills of two participants and select a winner.

Participants get three rounds in which they have to demonstrate how good they are at the art of picking up women. In each round they receive a different assignment which I will tell you more about in moment.

The judges watch the participants closely and choose a winner. The prize is a night out with a VIP treatment. This show is not really about the prize itself but all about the fun you can have when flirting and picking up girls.

Here are a few examples of the assignments the participants may get in each round:

1: Take your target away from her girlfriends.
2: Get the number of a woman while you are using a fake accent.
3: Interrupt your opponent who is trying to get number of a woman and try to steal her away from him.
4: Convince a woman she looks like your mother and get her phone number.
5: You get 5 minutes to show your most impressive seduction technique.
6: Pick a woman up by her reading her palm.
7: Make a woman buy a drink for you.

Keys to the VIP on YouTube
Many episodes of Keys to the VIP can be found on YouTube. There are also some other places where you can find these clips but I don’t think any new episodes will appear on TV anytime soon.

Sometimes you see pickup artists in the show that do not know what they are doing and sometimes you see more socially intelligent men. Some are really skilled players and you can learn a lot from watching them attracting and seducing women. But you can also learn from how women react to the men in the show.

In my opinion, the show focuses too much on getting the woman’s phone number. They see getting a number as success but in reality the participants have only spoken a few minutes to the women and have created very little of a connection.

If you just talk for a few minutes with a woman chances of it leading to something are slim since she knows very little about you.

In the show, the participants and the judges often have old school theories about picking up women, such as buying her a drink or being well dressed is of crucial importance. So don’t take all of their comments too seriously!

All in all, the show is great if you want to see guys with good and bad game in action. Watching Keys to the VIP is also a great way to get into the mood before you go out!

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