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Social Vibing

What's it really all about in a conversation with a woman?

Is it just what you say or also how you deliver it?

Of course it is how deliver it and how you are in the conversation!

Have you ever had it that you were together with a group of friends and that the atmosphere was so good that everything was fun and there was laughter at every joke even before the "punch line" was said?

Often these people can not even explain why they all need to laugh.

Is it purely for the humor and good jokes? NO

It is THE VIBE. The vibe is very important while being together with people.

People who are sure of themselves usually are vibing socially.

This means that are making sure people have a good time and that you are having fun.

Social vibing – how it is done

Guy 1: Listen! How much do you think this jacket cost me? Guy 2: Uh, I don’t know $/€ 150? Guy 1: No! I got it for 50! Guy 2: Whooo, well done!

Guy 2, by responding enthusiastically makes guy 1 feel good about his purchase and there is energy around this subject. This is the whole idea of social vibing!

Lousy social vibing

Guy 1: Listen! How much do you think this jacket cost me? Guy 2: uh, $/€ 40? Guy 1: No ... it only cost me 50. Guy 2: Oh, okay. Well done.

Here Guy 2 respons thinking "If he is trying to say he’s make a great deal, I'm going to show how smart I am and guess low".

This way guy 1 is not happy about his purchase and there is absolutely no enthusiasm generated.

Guy 1 was not trying to test or impress guy 2 test. He just wanted to share something fun, a feel good.

An insecure man will react like the 2nd guy and give his friend a 'test' which makes him look good (or so he thinks).

A confident man will be like the 1st guy in this example. If he wants to look good he will do so in a positive way.

Women will certainly recognize a man with a good vibe. If you want success with women you want to be social vibing most of the time when you are in social situations ..

If you are displaying a bad vibe, by for example not letting your friends finish their story this is offensive to them. This is certainly not social intelligent, since it smarter to show that you have a close relationship with your friends and you guys are always having fun together.

Doing this will indirectly also indicate that you don’t need women, which makes you a challenge immediately.

By social vibing you'll also have more friends, become more popular and get a higher social status. People will want to be with you!

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