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What is social status and how can you create it?

Social Status

Social status is super important.

When you have a low social status people are less likely to notice. This is especially true for women.

The good news is, there are several ways to get a higher social status.

Read on to find out what social status is and how you can improve yours.

What is social status?

Social status / social value usually consists of respect, honor and prestige. Your social status is basically how viewed in a group or society. People with a high social status are simply regardes with more respect and esteem.

Your social status can therefore ensure that you are noticed in a group more quickly. In addition, you will see that people look up to you and see you as an example. And this happened to be just the thing what women love.

Tradionally social status is determined by income, occupation, knowledge, training and background. However, many beautiful women will quickly be turned off when you tell her how much you earn.

Don’t use this traditional things when getting to know each other. Women hate bragging. It communicates that you are not enough, that you think you need things in order for others to like you. This is actually a demonstration of lower value behavior.

So how do you increase you social status?

Suppose by traditional standard you do not have a high social status. Fortunately this really makes no difference. The women only have to be convinced that you feel you have a high social status.

Play a home match when it comes to social status

If for example you have a lot of connections somewhere some place where you go out, then it seems like you have a high social status. People recognize you there and know who you are.

When you are talking to a woman she might ask how you know all those people. Even if this is the case, do not say this is the only pub is where you always go out.

Just act nonchalant. She will think on a subconscious level you have many connections because you are a high status guy.

The social status of women

The social status of women is also very important to us. You don’t want to hang out with a woman who is at the bottom of the social ladder.

It is better to look for women with high social status. Your social status will certainly benefit!

Suppose you see a beautiful woman in club standing next to a guy who looks not so well groomed and has a bad taste in clothes. You quickly assume she also has a low social status.

When the woman is out with with a sharp dressed and well groomed man, then suddenly her social status is much higher.

To find out the real social status of a woman, you have to find out if she has self confidence and wants to achieve something in life. Women that have a high social status usually have good communication skills and know what they want.

To make sure you attract high quality women you should also have a high status.

It is good to know you do not need to be handsome, famous or rich, but by a proper understanding of what high status really is and how it is it obtained. It is largely communicated subconsciously through confident body language, eye contact, vocal tonality and mindset.

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