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What is the perfect opening line?

Hey players, what’s up? Today we’re going to discuss the perfect opening line.

A lot of guys are looking for the perfect opening line like it were the holy grail. Like it were a magical phrase that ensures that all women immediatelly fall in love with him.

Is there such a thing as a magical openingline? Is there an opening line that works in all situations and sweeps the hearts of all women starving for romance and adventure?

It is time I address the subject of what is the best opening line.

To get straight to the point, there is no such thing as a magical opening line.

It is wishful thinking for men to believe that with an opening line they can pick up every girl. Of course, there are lines that work better than others, and some work on some women, but an opening line that works on all women out there doesn’t exist, unfortunately.

Instead of a good opening line, you much better focus on body language and your energy. That is much more important.

Be sure of yourself. Show that you are a fun, confident guy, and that you not let anything affect you negatively whatsoever. You are in control of your life!

For example, do not stare at here as many men do. A lot of guys first stare for fifteen minutes and that's totally wrong. This comes across 'creepy', so try to avoid this.

The best opening line ever still is "hi". To make it even more extreme, you can stick your hand out as well.

Then you say something to the effect of “I had to meet you”. Of “I wanted to meet you”, or “I had to say hi”. You are making clear that you want to find out who she is.

It is the most normal thing ever. It is how all people met. It is romantic and it is powerful, if you do it in confident way, with strong eye contact.

Eye contact is super important when it comes to picking up women. If you keep strong eye contact, she will notice that you are a confident man, somebody that doesn’t take shit, and that is what women like.

Many men look at the floor or ceiling as they try to seduce women, and that is something you absolutely should not do. Look her straight in the eye, make strong eye contact and hold that.

Try the have a good time when you are in the bar. Having fun, hanging out with your friends. With or without women, you're simply a fun, popular and sociable guy. From this fun, light energy it is the most natural thing to meet other people.

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