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You are the Prize

Picking up women is all about having the right attitude. So, you ask, what is the right attitude to pick-up women? What kind of attitude do women find attractive?

The most important thing is to be confident about yourself. You are the prize! Women should be glad if they can spend a moment with you!

In this article, I explain how to get the ‘I-am-the-prize attitude’ for picking up as many women as you want .. Read on!

Do not beg
A lot of guys are going up to women to be ‘nice’, and are basically beggars, sucking up to women.

Often they come back with a sad look on their face, because their approach didn’t work. They try all sorts of things. Buying her a drink, agreeing with her continuously and so on. They think that if you are nice, you will have success with women.

This is not the case.

You do not get women by just being nice. If that were the case, picking up women would be a lot easier, but a lot less fun ;).

Women love it when there are being pushed away a bit.

Women actually like to be teased occasionally. They do not want a man who doesn’t have an opinion. They want a man who knows what he wants and how to get it, not someone who begs to make her sleep with him!

So how should you do this? What should you do to become a fun challenging guy?

I use a couple of techniques that almost always work.

When I walk up to a woman, I'm not facing her completely with my body. I just turn my head towards her, and say that I can only stay for a moment, because I am going back to my friends.

This lets her know she doesn’t have to worry that I will stay around and talk to her all evening, ruining her chances of having a good time.

It also lets her know that I am there with my friends and not some loser who doesn’t have any friends.

When you are talking to a woman, make some small ‘nasty’ teasing comments. Make sure you do this in moderation and subtly, since you do not want to offend her too much. Just small jokes such as ‘do you always talk this much?’ or 'wait a minute, I was talking!'

Do all this with a smile on your face .. but let her know that you are your own man and you don’t take her or her opinion of you too seriously.

Make her fight for you
A mistake many men make is buying her a drink right from the start of the interaction.

My tip: a woman must earn it for you to buy her a drink. Only if she is fun, and she behaves well, I’ll buy her a drink.

You can’t tell if she is fun or well mannered the first second you talk to her, can you? So give it a couple of minutes to find out ;). Let her earn your attention!

Go and talk to her friends as well, or talk with other women. Stir up some jealousy by letting her know she is not the only one.

It is also important to keep eye contact. Do not go look at the ceiling or at the floor, or look past her. Instead look straight into her eyes in a playful, mischievous way.

This shows you are confident and you have a ‘I am the prize attitude’! Women will be very attracted to you of you incorporate this into your personality.

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