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Direct Game

Direct game means that when you talk to a girl you immediately say what you want. You let her know what you intentions are.

The cool thing about direct game is that it can save you a lot of time. Instead of talking for 20 minutes with at girl just to find out she is not that into you, you know it within a couple of seconds. The power of the direct game lies in the fact that you make yourself vulnerable and you might be rejected.

Calibration is your friend when you do direct game. Sometimes it can look a bit needy or simply incongruent and the interaction blows up.

Body language is another 'weapon' you can use whilst doing direct game instead of using words. Using eye contact can be very powerful to let the girl know you are sexually interested in her or you could use touching to communicate this with her.

An example of an direct opener:
Hi, I saw you walking by and you look really cute/sexy/… and I had to hi. What's your name?

Using direct game during the day is more powerful then when using it during the night because during the day women are not used to being approach and especially not directly. While during the night they are used to it and know that it probably will happen.

Using direct game is one of the strongest weapons in an mans seducing arsenal. 

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